Extruder Services have introduced ‘Health Checks’ for extruders and injection moulders. Packaged in response to requests from several customers we’re offering a clean and measure of the screw(s) and barrel and a laser bore alignment check.

The screw and barrel are the heart of any machine, maintaining the correct tolerances is critical to efficiency and output. Our engineers can usually clean and measure the screw and barrel, check the bore alignment and make any possible adjustments in one day, we then produce a detailed report allowing the customer to schedule any remedial work required.

We can also offer a complete strip-down and rebuild service, produce manufacturing drawings, as well as source replacement parts and suitable specialist contractors for repairs as required. Using our laser alignment equipment we’ve recently identified an imminent gearbox bearing failure on one machine, and an ‘out of square’ rear barrel flange on another which was causing a localised hot spot, damaging the screw and barrel and making the machine almost impossible to run.